The original prognosis was that Elijah would have to wear a Doc band for 3-4 months, taking into consideration his age and severity of the plagiocephaly. However, it turns out that Eli is a professional at growing his head, and he was able to wear it for less than 2 months!

Here are some before and after comparison pictures to show how the helmet helped reshape his head.

As you can see, wearing the Doc band for just a few months has made a significant improvement in the symmetry of his head. Although his head isn’t perfect, nobody’s is, and we are very happy that we made the decision to fix his flat spot. Not only was Eli able to wear it for a shorter period of time than expected, but we also got a significant portion of the cost covered by insurance (see the previous post).

At his age, his head is much less pliable, and he spends much less time on his back than in the first few months of his life. In addition, Eli has recently mastered the back to front and front to back roll and has decided that he is a tummy sleeper, so flat spots should no longer be a concern at all!

Yay! My head is fixed!


  1. Our twins wore helmets and they were MAGICAL. Couldn’t be happier with them. And they were a lot easier to deal with than I thought they were going to be. What a great idea to whoever invented these things.

    • I really think some babies are more susceptible to a “misshapen” head, despite all of the effort that moms put into tummy time and re-positioning. Did your twins have torticollis as well?


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