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There are many things we hope for our children. We want them to be happy, healthy, and full of excitement for all the world has to offer. We also want to provide them with opportunities to obtain a good education and to lead a fulfilling life. But what about creativity? While these other qualities are heavily emphasized, creativity often gets pushed to the back burner because it doesn’t seem to be as important. However, creativity is one of the most important qualities to teach to your child! It promotes abstract thinking, boosts intelligence, and teaches them various means to express their thoughts and emotions. Below, we take a look at four ways you can nurture your son and daughter’s natural creative tendencies.

Let Them Loose

Some parents feel the need to maintain a tight reign on their children. It may appear that it is the parents’ job to decide what our children do and how they spend their time until they are mature enough to make these decisions on their own. This approach will create structure and stability, but they are unlikely to develop as creative and independent individuals when this method is overused. Particularly when they are younger, children need to have some freedom to do as they please and to figure out and process the world in their own way. Creativity relies upon being able to see and experience the world on their own terms, so if they’re always told how to navigate the world around them, they will not get that opportunity.

Consider Their Surroundings

The environment that children inhabit naturally feeds into their creative mind. Instead of creating a dull, uninspiring bedroom, look at putting together a room that speaks to their creativity. Begin with the infrastructure. You can get unique styles of children’s bedroom furniture from Cuckooland or Finn + Emma that is a little bit different from the norm. A tee-pee bed or a macrame swing is sure to get their imagination firing! For the walls, look at adding splashes of color, painting a mural, or decals. If it’s a room that feeds the mind, then they’ll be on the right path towards a life of creativity.

Limit Tech Time

There are mixed opinions when it comes to technology and children. Does it help or hinder? The truth is that it’s probably a bit of both. It depends on how it’s being used. Technology can be a great resource for teaching children new concepts and allowing them to interact with technology in a hands-on way. However, if watching TV or using an iPad is preventing them from doing other activities, such as spending time with other people or exploring the nature around them. Screen time is not inherently bad. As a busy mom, I know that it can be huge lifesaver when things need get done around the house, or I just need a break. However, use it sparingly and focus instead on sparking creativity in their little minds through other means.

Be An Example

If you want your child to be creative, the best place to start is to be an example. Our children look up to us much more than we think, and they want to follow our lead. Fill the home with music, works of art, and books, so that creativity is always on display. Even if they don’t seem interested at first, children are constantly observing and taking in everything around them. The more they are exposed to creativity, the more comfortable they will be in exploring that part of their brain. The earlier you start, the better!


  1. I loved this post! As a child who was always given opportunities to excercise creativity I’ve seen the benefit and am so grateful to my parents ! We don’t have a tv in our home and are pretty keen on ensuring our son isn’t addicted to screens !

  2. Honestly I love this. I need to incorporate more of these into my toddlers lives. I would love to limit tech time but its easier said then done for me. I really need to work on that. Great blog Katie!


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