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Mother’s Day is such a well-deserved holiday for the hardworking moms who take care of their families every single day. Even if you are a mom, you still have a mom or grandma or mother figure who deserves to be recognized. But moms are so different and so hard to shop for! I have put together some suggestions for different kinds of moms and products that can fit different kinds of budgets, so you are sure to find something that works for the extraordinary mom in your life.

Fitness Mom

1. Yoga Tote $25 – This embroidered cotton tote will allow your yoga-loving mama to carry all of her yoga necessities in a single cute and functional bag. The bag is roomy enough to hold a thick yoga mat, small towel, water bottle, and snacks.
2. Infuser Water Bottle $12 – A water bottle with infusion capabilities will make drinking water so much more fun! Add fresh or frozen fruit to the infuser to make a tasty, fruit-infused drinking experience. The bottle has an easy flip top lid, anti-slip grips, and can hold up to 32 oz.
3. Stretch Out Strap $16 – This nylon strap has 10 built-in loops to facilitate controlled unassisted stretching exercises before, during, and after a work out. It’s great for dancers, athletes, physical therapy, and yoga routines. The instructional exercise book that is included will help you get started.

Practical Mom

4. Attachable Diaper Bag $57 – This is such an innovative product by k’Boodle. It’s a diaper bag that will snap easily to a baby carrier, so an extra bag is not needed. What a lifesaver for new moms and moms with multiple kids! The bag comes in 5 cute patterns and can fit diapers, snacks, toys, wallet, phone, etc. It comes with a key clip and a carabiner loop for water bottles. The straps can also snap together to convert into a shoulder bag.
5. Chore Chart $20 – For the mom who is looking for an easy method of organizing tasks for the kids, this is the perfect solution! The chart is a great place to write down appointments, activities, chores, and more. It has a built-in reward tracker and comes with a free chalk marker.
6. Umbrella $23 – I can personally recommend this umbrella because I have one, and I love it! The umbrella has a double layer that has a reverse opening design. Your umbrella won’t get caught when trying to close the car door, and the wet side is kept tucked inside, keeping your floors and car dry. There are also tons of awesome designs to choose from and a money-back guarantee.

Bookworm Mom

7. Audible $15/month – Even though I love reading, I also love having books read to me when I’m driving or just too tired to focus. Audible is the perfect gift for mom who is an audiobook lover. They have a huge selection of books to choose from, and if you sign up for a 30 day trial, you will get 2 books for free!
8. The Magic of Motherhood $13 – A book written by the authors of the blog, Coffee & Crumbs,  The Magic of Motherhood is a collection of essays written by mothers about the love, joy, and heartache that comes along with motherhood. It’s brutally honest, heartwarming, and most importantly, relatable.
9. Mom & Me & Mom $17 – This memoir, written by the illustrious Maya Angelou, tells the story of the complicated relationship Maya had with her mother. She speaks candidly and eloquently, and it’s a story that mothers and daughters everywhere identify with. This New York Times bestseller is a must-read.

Chef Mom

10. Knife Set $50 – This knife set has the most beautiful designs on the blades! Each knife displays a different image of the universe, and they all look stunning. The blades are made of stainless steel with nonstick coating and ergonomic handles. These knives would be a great addition to any home cook’s collection.
11. Instant Pot $100 – If you haven’t heard about the Instant Pot yet, you must be living under a rock. This is the newest kitchen gadget that everyone is raving about, and the credit is very well deserved. It is essentially a pressure cooker, but it can do so many things such as make rice, steam, saute, and slow cook. I love using it to cook beans, curries, and vegan chili. It saves so much time for moms in the kitchen and is a gift she will surely appreciate.
12. Mixing Bowl Set $18 – I somehow always run out of mixing bowls when I’m cooking a complicated dish, but the more I buy, the less room I have for storage. This mixing bowl and measuring cups and spoons set has everything a chef could need. And the best part is that everything nests together, taking up very little cabinet space.

Working Mom

13. Bluetooth Headphones $21 – Getting tangled up in headphone cords is an annoyance that can be totally avoided with wireless Bluetooth headphones. Use them for phone calls, listening to podcasts, or working out. These are waterproof, stay on your ear, and has a battery life of 6-8 hours!
14. Planner $18 – Working moms have so much going on on a daily basis. A planner would be a great resource to help keep track of their hectic lives. If you want a FREE printable planner designed for working moms, check out this post.
15. Laptop Tote $32 – This stylish tote is big enough to hold a laptop, tablet, notebook, and anything else a working mom would need to carry. It contains multiple compartments and pockets to help keep a busy mom organized.

Self-Care Mom

16. Toiletry Bag $10 – A stylish and roomy toiletry bag is a must-have for moms on the go or who like to travel. This bag is waterproof, has multiple spacious compartments, and can be hung up to save counter space.
17. Bath Bombs $27 – Adding a bath bomb transforms an ordinary bath into a luxurious spa-like experience. The bath bombs in this set diffuse a soothing fragrance and contain moisturizers that leave the skin feeling soft and nourished.
18. Sheet Masks $9 – I can’t get over what a great deal this is! This variety pack has 16 different sheet masks with different vitamins and minerals to help your skin feel refreshed and more youthful. These sheet masks are made in Korea, where skincare products have a great reputation. I have purchased these myself and love using them on a weekly basis.

Cards for Mom

For those of you who have Moms whose love language is not receiving gifts, Lovepop has an incredible selection of Mother’s Day pop-up cards that are sure to delight the maternal figures in your life and make them feel truly appreciated. These cards are beautiful and well-made, with a wide variety of amazing options to choose from, including bouquets, birds, and even Star Wars. Lovepop cards will be a go-to gift for me every Mother’s Day.

I hope this guide inspired some great gift ideas for the mom in your life this upcoming Mother’s Day. All moms deserve to be celebrated, especially on this day!


  1. Some great ideas. I’ve had an electric pressure cooker for years and I love it. I promise myself I’ll buy an insta pot once my one gives up which it shows no signs of doing. Wait for prime day in July for a great discount too!

  2. Such great suggestions! I love how you categorized each type of “mom”. Makes it so much easier for me to choose things for the mamas I know with things they actually like!

  3. I am at present confused on what to get my mom. I may very well need to buy one of those books. I promised myself I would purchase an instant pot once my slow cooker surrenders which it gives no indications of doing. There should be some great deals for prime day in July as well.


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