When you live in a smaller town, nearby vegan takeout options can be pretty limited. One of our favorite places to order from is a family-owned Thai restaurant a mile away from our house. We go so often that they recognize our voices when we place our order. I guess that makes us regulars!

My husband ALWAYS orders the same dish – Thai Basil Eggplant with Tofu. I decided to see if I could recreate a similar dish at home and save some money.

Here is an overview of what I did. For the original recipe, go to Vegetarian Gastronomy.

Thai Basil Eggplant

The Main Ingredients

What I Did

After cutting up all of the vegetables and tofu, I cooked the eggplant first. Eggplants are very porous and will soak up a lot of oil. Instead, I used vegetable broth and cooked the eggplants until tender. Then, I set it aside.

I pan fried the tofu until it was golden brown on both sides.

I sauteed the rest of the vegetables, added in the eggplant and tofu and the sauce.

The Finished Product!

I served it over white rice, but it would be great with any type of grain or pasta!

Are you going to try out this recipe? Let me know what you think!


    • A wok would be so cool! I have no experience actually using one, but it would make your food taste more authentic for sure.


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