This first year of Eli’s life has come and gone in the blink of an eye. My little potato baby is now a full-fledged toddler, who is trying to walk, talk, and has a mind of his own.

We planned a family birthday party to celebrate him turning one. I purchased decorations and a personalized birthday onesie from Etsy for the occasion.

We had the party in the afternoon, with finger foods and refreshments. There was a huge fruit salad, with plenty of in season fruit. We also served pita chips, hummus, tortilla chips, and homemade guacamole. My mom brought spring rolls, and my mother-in-law brought a chickpea no-tuna salad with crackers.

For the cake, we ordered vegan cupcakes in chocolate and lemon from a local bakery, Sweet Cherry.

When everyone first arrived, Elijah looked around with his eyes big, confused about why all of his favorite people were in one place. Soon enough, Eli was having a great time with the people that he loved the most. He was particularly fascinated with the balloons.

Then, it was time for presents! Eli is extremely lucky to have three sets of loving grandparents, and he’s the only grandchild (for now). He got a lot of great gifts, including clothes, a stroller, a xylophone, a sun hat, a tiny armchair, books, and a rocking horse. It was so overwhelming, he didn’t know where to look!


After that, it was cake time! Eli has never had frosting or sweet desserts before, but he had no hesitation in diving right in. He ate some frosting, but most of it ended up on his face, his clothes, or on the floor.










Overall, the first birthday celebration for Eli was an enormous success! We are all so lucky to have this little guy in our life!



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