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We’ve talked with dozens of married couples to learn their secrets to a happy marriage. Marriage takes work and the effort you put into a successful marriage will reap huge rewards for your future happiness. While you are planning your wedding don’t forget to start planning for your future together. These ten steps will help you create a strong foundation for your relationship and future together. 

1. Respect and Kindness

Respect is above all the most important piece to a relationship. Treating the other with respect builds trust and a strong relationship. First off, be kind and watch your words. Often times we get too comfortable and speak harshly to those closest to us. Instead of responding in anger, try being honest about your feelings. When your partner is clearly upset, give them the respect they deserve and listen attentively to their concerns.

2. Communicate and Listen

You’ve heard this before: communication is key to the success of a marriage. But, talking all the time means nothing if the other person isn’t listening. When your partner is talking, listen and take in what they are saying. Be proactive about sharing your thoughts rather than keeping them bottled up. Make sure both partners are getting an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings. 

3. Say “I Love You” Often

Every single time you feel it, say it. There’s no reason to keep it to yourself. These three words are some of the most powerful in the English language. Not only does it make your partner feel special, it strengthens your relationship. Daily reminders of your love and affection for each other will help both of you feel more loved and connected. 

4. Kiss Goodbye

No matter how long you’ve been together, always remember to kiss when you leave. Before heading for the gym, leaving for work, running errands; no matter how short until you return, sneak in a smooch. This small gesture says to your partner, “I love you, and I’ll miss you,” with no words needed. Start this habit early and you will notice what a big difference it can make!

5. Say “Thank You”

When a couple has been together a long time, it is easy to forget to be grateful and appreciative for all the things the other partner does. Taking your partner for granted will inevitably destroy the relationship over time. They may feel disrespected or forgotten. No matter how small a task, every time you say “thank you” and show your gratitude, your partner will feel appreciated.

6. Make Time for Dates

Schedule time to spend with each other. Set up a recurring date night every month to do something with just the two of you. Get dressed up and go somewhere fancy or put on sweatpants and stay in for game night. The important part is that you are spending quality time together, doing something both of you enjoy. Whatever you do, don’t put it off. It can be tempting to skip over date night once or twice when things get busy, but its important to reserve time for each other and make your relationship a priority. 

7. Work as a Team

“There is no ‘I’ in team.” In marriage, always remember that there is another person – who you love – trying to make your relationship work. A healthy pattern to get into is to ask yourself how you can make your partner happy each day. It may be something small like bringing the mail in during the winter, or it might be a surprise romantic date night on a Tuesday. The gesture doesn’t have to be grand, it just has to be authentic. Actions, no matter how small, speak louder than words.

8. Turn Off Electronics

Cellphones and computers take up so much time in our daily lives, but don’t let technology interfere with your marriage. Turn off electronics during dinner and before bed. Create a no phone rule in the bedroom. Limit the time you watch Netflix and spend the time doing something that will strengthen your relationship through heartfelt conversation.

9. Share (Some) Hobbies

You and your partner probably have some similar interests and some that you don’t have in common. You may enjoy romantic comedies and reading books while your partner enjoys action movies and going to parties. Here is where you both need to be flexible. When your partner wants you to try something, say yes. Support the other’s hobbies and they will do the same for you. Keep in mind that they want to share this part of their life with you, so give it a fair shot. You don’t have to do everything together, but finding shared interests and passions will make spending time together much easier and more enjoyable.  

10. Take Alone Time

You may not have expected this one, but spending time apart is key to a successful relationship. Setting aside time for yourself allows you to do the things you want to do to relax. Whether it is going to a yoga class, reading a book at the park, or even grocery shopping by yourself, take time weekly to be alone and recharge. Even though you are in a committed relationship, you still have an identity outside of your marriage, and it’s important to make time to foster your own passions and interests. 

In conclusion, these ten tips are a baseline for a future filled with happiness. While you plan your wedding, keep your future in mind. After all, a happy partner means a happy life.


Author Bio: Event Supply Shop is where DIY-ers, penny pinchers with a flair for high-quality, and event planners go out there and get them. We will be here for all of your event needs. Our blog helps newly-engaged couples plan the perfect future together.


  1. This post was great, these tips are spot on! Share some hobbies is one of my favorite because being able to share something you love wth someone you love is the best way to go!

  2. I loved this!! Very practical and helpful. I’ll be celebrating my 8 year anniversary and although we have come along way, we still haven’t arrived so these tips will come in handy. Thanks for sharing!


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