When I was in elementary school, I remember the excitement and anticipation I felt when it was time to go to the library. There were endless possibilities that awaited me there, and I had the freedom to choose any story, any world to dive into. However, as the years passed, reading became more synonymous with school work, and I began to spend my free time doing other things. Reading didn’t seem so magical to me anymore.

Before social media, Netflix, and the other distractions that have taken root in today’s society, books were a beloved fixture of our leisure time. We were able to be carried away by the words of another; an escape from reality and the stresses of life around us. Books also served to provoke us into action, to extend our thoughts, and even to transform our lives.

If you, like many others, have fallen prey to other distractions of our current culture, and the only things you read are emails and Instagram captions, it’s not too late to get back to reading. If you are out of practice, or you haven’t picked up a book in ages, here are some practical tips to get you back into reading again.

Schedule a Time

Choose a time of day, with no distractions or responsibilities, when you have the opportunity to fully devote yourself to reading. It may be early in the morning, before the children get up for school, during your lunch break, or after the kids are in bed. Reading in bed with your partner is also a great way to share a hobby together. You can read different books, the same book, or even read out loud. Once reading becomes an established habit, you will want to make sure you are taking care of your health and not straining your eyes in the process. Here is a link to purchasing affordable glasses online. 

Read for Pleasure

Try choosing a book you really want to read, rather than opting for a classic work of literature because you think you “should.” The more you enjoy what you are reading, the more you will want to continue devoting time to this fun and educational pastime. Reading sets a great example for your children, encouraging them to begin to cultivate a love for books as well.

Go Digital

This is a great option for those of you who struggle to put down your phone or tablet. You can easily download something through a reading app, and you can take your reading material anywhere you go. Using a reading app will allow you save your progress across multiple devices, making reading easier than ever. You also don’t have to buy every single book that you want to read. You can use a subscription service like Kindle Unlimited or use Overdrive and check out books from your local library. Whenever you get a few minutes in your day, take a break from the internet or TV to read your book.

Set a Goal

If you need motivation, choose a tangible goal to strive for; perhaps to read two books month, or twenty books in a year. Besides just the number of books, you can also expand the types of books you read. You might want to learn more about the impact of books banned in our culture by reading those works that have sparked debate in our society. Or you may want to return to books you loved as a child, vowing to read those nostalgic classics. Whatever goal you set yourself, ensure it’s both practical and reasonable. You still want to enjoy reading, so go for something that will both entertain and challenge you.

Join a Book Club

There are many perks to joining a group of like-minded people, including enjoying the community of other readers, while having the incentive to start reading again. You will discover books you never would have heard about otherwise and make lifelong friendships as well. You could join a book club for moms as a way to make mom friends or find a group nearby to meet up with. Joining a site like Goodreads is a great way to track the books you’ve write, read and write reviews, and find other book-lovers. See what I’m reading and add me as a friend on Goodreads here!

We are living in a world where books aren’t given the respect they deserve because of more accessible forms of entertainment. Books are too precious to become a relic of the past. Choose to read for enjoyment, escapism, and fun or for education, discussion, and debate. Read to ensure books stay relevant in our lives for many more years to come.


  1. I knew I loved reading at an early age. I even joined a book club after school in 1st grade. It was the best! I haven’t been able to escape in a good book in about a year! Great tips. It was exactly what I needed.

  2. I recently stumbled upon several good articles on the benefits of reading which I plan on tweeting. (I think I tweeted one already.) The statistics on how little Americans read is shocking and sad. With the age of information overtaking everything I certainly see how this is possible. However, in Thailand (not really a reading country) I see a rise in reading for pleasure among my students. Good news!

    Like you, reading for fun took a back burner in college and I missed it sorely. Yet, I think it was good for me to read things I normally wouldn’t have have read – it expanded my mind and one of things I’ve gain from a liberal arts education is realizing how much different disciplines compliment each other and weave together.

    • That’s great that your students in Thailand are embracing reading. It’s so important, especially during early elementary years and onward. I know my love of reading has helped me improve my vocabulary and my writing skills, both in school and for fun.

      What kind of books do you like to read nowadays? I have found myself gravitating more towards nonfiction books recently, but I definitely love discovering an enthralling novel and not being able to put it down.


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