It’s undeniable that the best way to connect with your child is through playing. If you’ve ever spent significant time with a young child, you will know that it’s much less about the toy itself and more about the imagination taking place and the one-on-one attention they are receiving from you. However, certain types of toys are more conducive to enhancing development and creating quality playtime sessions. These are the moments in which your child can relate to you the most. Here are a few toys that will help you forge a closer relationship with your child.


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Puzzles are a great tool for helping improve a child’s focus as they invest all their attention and energy in the game at hand. Start by challenging your kid to do simple puzzles that are easy to match and have easy to hold pegs. Engage with them as they try to solve it, hold out the pieces to them, and give them hints on where they can put the piece. It gives them a sense of achievement and improves their concentration. Once they master the easier puzzles, move on to more challenging ones to keep their interest.


LEGO has been around for many decades and its popularity has only continued to grow. LEGO sets come with instruction manuals that little kids might have a problem following. This creates the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your children and make it into a group effort. You will be able to practice teamwork, communication skills, and hand-eye coordination. When the project is completed, your kids will feel a sense of achievement and pride and believe in their own abilities.


Puppets provide an avenue in which children are able to create characters and construct entire scenarios from their imagination. They come in all shapes, sizes, and faces. You can find animals and characters from your kids’ favorite TV shows, movies, and books. Puppets are also a great way to teach your kids lessons, like how to behave when faced with a conflict or helping them adjust to change, like a new baby. An added perk is being able to see their parents talk in a funny voice and make silly sound effects.

Sound Books

Reading books with your kids is an invaluable way to support their cognitive development as well as growing closer to them at the same time. There are a variety of different types of books for kids of all ages. For younger kids, sound books add a fun interactive element to the reading experience. Whether the sound books contain animal noises, words, or songs, your kids will love pushing the various buttons while reading. Reading itself is an excellent way to bond with your child, and a sound book is a fun and hands-on way to read together.

Play Dough

Play dough is a blank canvas in a three-dimensional form that encourages kids to create something from nothing. It enhances fine motor skills, creativity, and can have a calming effect on kids. Play dough is also an excellent means for improving social skills. Discussing with your kids what they are planning on making, problems they are encountering, and ideas for new creations will help them develop these skills in their everyday lives. Play dough comes in many different colors, and there are many different tools and accessories that are made specifically for playing with play dough. You can make your own homemade play dough that is soft but doesn’t stick, lasts a long time, and inexpensive.

Guest Post By: James H.


    • My almost two-year-old son loves building and stacking things. We haven’t ventured into Play Dough territory yet because he still sometimes tastes his toys, but I’m sure he will be a big fan.


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