What is your favorite Christmas family tradition? This year, we are adding a new activity that is perfect for big family groups. Merry Bells are a set of colorful handbells that can be used to create beautiful music. The set comes with 8 colorful, well-made handbells that can be used to make beautiful music. The bells are stored in a sturdy padded box to hold the handbells and DVDs. The box is portable and lightweight and the handbells are well-protected. Priced at just $39.99, this is a great value!

We were sent a free set to try out, and it was the perfect family activity during the holidays. The DVD provides easy-to-follow directions to play a whole plethora of popular Christmas songs. These songs are also available for digital download if you don’t own a DVD player.

The videos provide color-coded cues to indicate which handbell should be played and at what tempo. The video can be sped up or slowed down depending on your preferences and comfort level.


Let’s take a closer look at the bells themselves. The bells have a comfortable contoured handle, perfect for little hands or adult ones.

The bell spring is sturdy and produces a clear musical note. The note and position are also labeled at the top of each handbell for ease of use.

After trying out these handbells with my extended family, I only have a few critiques. I wish the DVD had background music or percussion to help keep the rhythm and guidelines on the set-up of the bells in terms of order and number of people required. The learning curve can be a little steep for a casual holiday activity.

Think this could be a fun new holiday tradition for your family or a great gift idea? Go to their website to grab your own set just in time for Christmas. Use my coupon code (hotandsourcoupon) for 10% off!


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