Life’s stressors cannot be eliminated. However, you can do something about how you respond to stress and its ripple effects on your health. Moreover, with 77% of people worldwide saying dealing with family stress affects their physical health, it is important to learn how to cope and deal with unavoidable stress. The secret to doing this is developing healthy coping mechanisms and making a habit of them. Here are three practical tips you can try to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Try to Eliminate the Stressors

This is a conscious exercise that requires a deliberate decision to deal with the things causing you stress. First, you need to start by acknowledging that stress is a part of life. This will allow you to narrow down what situations and aspects of life are the most stressful. Having this in mind can help you respond positively to circumstances that could potentially trigger stress.

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A helpful strategy to try is to drop some responsibilities that cause you stress. By delegating tasks and trusting that the duties will be performed, you can reduce the intense emotions of unhealthy stress management. Make a deliberate decision to evaluate the exact stressful situation you might be facing. The results of your evaluation will help you determine what you can handle or otherwise. Keep in mind that your deliberate actions can be therapeutic when handled appropriately.

Try Alternative Therapy

Alternative therapy has always been around, and over the years, more people believe in the several benefits it offers. Acupuncture, an ancient practice that began in China, is becoming much more mainstream in Western culture and provide a multitude of unexpected benefits. For centuries, the Chinese have used acupuncture as a tool for internal and external healing. Some physicians may recommend it as a complementary treatment for Western medicine.

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The procedure is known to target stress points on the body while stimulating the natural healing mechanisms to deal directly with mental stress. Because stress can also manifest as ailments chronic back pain, acupuncture can provide relief after a few sessions.

Cultivate Social Support

Having access to a strong support system can also alleviate stress and anxiety. Having someone to listen to you and share your concerns with can be therapeutic as well. Sometimes, it is not entirely about seeking professional help from a stress consultant. Your friends, family, and loved ones can also provide that support system. Sometimes something as simple as inviting them over for lunch or a weekend out can be all it takes to nurture a support system.

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Apart from those close to you, there is also the option to join social support groups. They exist all around the country and can be specialized for a specific need or interest. Due to the pandemic, however, most of these social support groups made changes to their meeting styles and many of them now do virtual support meetings. It is easier than ever to find support and take your stress management into your own hands.


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