Health is everything, especially on the heels of a worldwide pandemic that has transformed so many of our beliefs about wellbeing, soul, and survival. As a parent, you are the spark for change, and you can establish a healthier home for yourself and your family by adjusting a few simple things.

From thinking critically about the items and behaviors you bring into your house to quitting pollutants and boosting your diet, here are some minor adjustments you can make right now.

Get Rid of the Toxins

To make your home a healthier environment for your family, you should eliminate pollutants from the environment. Begin by substituting plant-based cleaning solutions for traditional cleaning products in your home. There are a variety of environmentally friendly cleaning brands to choose from that can suit the specific needs of your family. 

Check out your care goods next to see whether they need replacing. if you are thinking about repainting or redecorating, make sure to select eco-friendly paint instead of conventional paint that contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Likewise, if you require a pest control solution, opt for a natural option rather than one based on chemicals.

Are you aware of all the hidden toxins in your home? — Health tips from  Bernard Sleijster | by Bernard Sleijster | Medium

Grow Your Own Vegetables

Starting a vegetable garden is a great healthy practice to engage in. When you cultivate your veggies, you may teach your children about nutrition while also contributing to improving your family’s nutritional intake. Research has found that children were more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables when they were involved in the growing process. You could, for example, get them to grow zucchini and make this delicious zucchini bread with pineapple.

Making your outside environment more kid-friendly can also be accomplished through gardening! If you involve your child in the planning and planting process, they will have more ownership over the final product. 

It is possible to avoid using chemical-based pesticides by growing your food. It is also possible to incorporate more organic items into your home. Gardening can also benefit your mental health and fitness because you are constantly moving.

Purify the Air

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, where the concentrations of some pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations. Installing an air filter and placing indoor plants throughout your home can help prevent indoor air pollution. Especially if you have pets, an air filter can greatly improve your quality of life.

Planting certain types of plants are also great for improving the air quality inside, while also providing greenery for your indoor space.

11 Best Air Purifying Plants for Indoors (Low Light Bedroom, Bathroom) |  Gardenine


When your home is messy, it can be challenging to relax and decompress. Remove the objects you no longer require from your home to create a healthy and clean environment. Then, you can either sell or donate these products to a charitable organization. Once the clutter is cleared away, you will have more space to enjoy with your family. Adopting careful buying habits will also assist you in maintaining a clutter-free environment.

It takes many different procedures and behaviors to make a home a healthier environment. The key to making your house a better place is to prioritize family welfare. And remember that to teach your children healthy principles, you must first set a good example for them.


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