When it comes to getting fit, most people don’t enjoy cardio. A fast pace, the hammering heart rate, heavy sweating – none of it is particularly pleasant when you’re going through it. However, cardio provides a lot of benefits to your health, both physically and mentally. While you don’t necessarily need to pound out the treadmill or stop running vigorously when you’re in the gym, you should consider how cardio is beneficial to your health. 

When you go to gyms like Fitness 19, you will learn how to balance cardio with strength and vice versa. Cardio is always worth looking into even if it’s not necessarily for you at first. Plenty of runners hated the act of running when they first started out but once they got into it it became something they enjoyed. The important thing is to find an exercise that you enjoy doing. That will increase the chances of you sticking with it and achieving fitness goals. Here are some of the benefits of cardio exercises.

Losing Weight

The biggest benefit of cardio is that you will be able to lose some weight. It burns calories faster than anything else, and the more calories you burn the more weight you will lose. It’s an expensive and hard-core calorie burner and it torches calories even after you have left the gym.

Improving Your Health

We talked about your heart hammering as you move when you’re enjoying cardio exercise, and the reason it does this is that you are building it up when you are moving. Cardio workouts bring more oxygen into your body and increase the strength and power of your heart muscle. The heart needs to be looked after as much as possible because this is a muscle you really don’t want to wear out.

Preventing Disease

Did you know that cardio exercises help to lower cholesterol and improve heart and lung health? They prevent diseases like diabetes and cancer and reduce the risk of major illnesses such as coronary heart disease. It also potentially lowers the risk of early death by up to 30%.

Improving Mental Health

People who are physically active are far less likely to suffer from mental health problems than those who are not. Call your exercises have been shown to improve mood and provide a sense of well-being, you also get a handy best of endorphins that make you feel good while you work out. 

Burning More Calories

Strength training with weights is always excellent in the gym, but if you’re looking to burn more calories, fat loss is going to come faster when you do cardio. If you’re doing high-intensity training, you’re going to be moving your body and keeping it on its toes quite literally.

Increasing Energy Levels

Cardio-intensive exercise regularly can help you to feel more energetic. You’re going to increase your metabolism which in turn burns much more calories than anything else and this will result in weight loss. A high metabolism also means that you have much more energy throughout the day and you are less likely to feel tired and sluggish.


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