In the midst of the Christmas season, having beautiful lights inside and outside of the home is a great way to liven up your seasonal decor. These Christmas Globe String Lights from Marchpower are affordable, waterproof, and can be placed anywhere since they are battery-powered. No more hunting for outlets or wrestling with long extension cords. 

I was very pleasantly surprised when I received these Christmas globe lights. The lights were easy to unpackage, with no risk of tangling or breakage. I love how sturdy and durable these lights are, and I feel confident leaving these lights outside, regardless of the weather. The setup was very simple and the price was extremely reasonable, so multiple strands can be purchased easily.  

The lights are 34ft long, with 100 LED globe lights, available in multiple colors or a warm white hue. LED lights are the best option because they are safe, less flammable, and last longer than incandescent bulbs. With just three AA batteries, you can choose from 8 different display modes as well as a timer setting. These lights will last you through the whole holiday season.

These lights can also be used for other events and spaces, such as parties or garden decor. They can also be used to decorate your car! They provide a wonderful ambiance without being overpowering. I placed these lights on my mantle but plan to move them to different locations throughout the year. 

I highly recommend these lights for any occasion, particularly if you are looking for versatile, festive lights for wintertime. 

If you are looking for a different shape, Marchpower also offers big bulbed strawberry shaped lights, shown here. 

For any of these lights, use the discount code 46Q4CAPK for an additional 5% off. Have a happy and bright holiday season!


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