Have you thought about inviting some friends and family to your house for an Indian curry night? This is an excellent way to socialize, improve your culinary skills, and sample some popular Indian curry dishes without heading to the restaurant. Here are a few Indian curries that you should try the next time you and your guests are feeling adventurous and craving spice.

Dhansak Curry 

A Dhansak curry is an Indian dish, but it is also a hybrid food that combines elements of Persian and Gujarati cuisine. A Dhansak curry has a distinctive sweet and sour flavor to it that results from its varied origins. Normally, a Dhansak curry is served with a pineapple ring as a garnish to add a little sweetness to the dish. It can be bought or made in the house. 

A Dhansak curry contains mutton or goat’s meat traditionally, but a vegan version might be made from seitan or tempeh. The meat is cooked with a mixture of vegetables and lentils and served with white rice or nan bread. A Dhansak curry is both substantial and unique; it’s perfect if you want some Indian food with a difference and is sure to be a favorite with your friends. 

Tikka Masala 

Tikka Masala is a common Indian dish that can be found in many restaurants around the world. When you don’t know what to order in an Indian restaurant, the go-to is to try their Tikka Masala. Tikka Masala is made using tandoori chicken that has been cooked on a skewer; the chicken is then covered in a rich, creamy sauce with plenty of spices to add zest to the flavor.  

If you want the best tikka masala, it’s hard to ignore the local restaurant that has the marinade, the clay ovens, and the techniques to make the perfect tandoori chicken. That said, there are plenty of ways you can make tandoori chicken at home with a conventional oven and some top tips. Serving up tikka masala to your friends is sure to bring a smile to their hungry, smiley faces. 

Saag Curry 

When you see the word saag on a menu in an Indian restaurant, think of leafy greens – this is roughly what the word means in the Indian language. There are many delicious leafy greens to be found on the Indian subcontinent, so it’s no surprise that there is a dedicated dish made from them. A saag curry tends to be a bit hotter than average with spinach, mustard greens, and vegetables. 

Again, a saag curry can be served with white rice, coconut rice, or nan bread, but nan bread can be filling, and white rice is a little mundane. If you want to make something a little special for your guests, choose coconut rice. Coconut rice is simple to make and complements the flavors of almost any Indian curry dish. If you have an instant pot, coconut rice should only take around 10 minutes.    

Korma Curry 

Another classic choice on the Indian food menu is a korma. Korma curries are popular throughout the world thanks to the combination of meats, cream sauce, and spicy flavoring. It’s important to note that korma curries do not contain spice for heat but rather for taste. Instead of using cumin and black pepper, for instance, a korma curry uses cardamom and cinnamon. 

Get ready for one of your dinner guests to request a korma curry at your Indian dinner party. Like a chicken tikka, a korma curry is one that everyone knows and expects to be on the menu, so don’t disappoint them. The good news is that a korma curry is also very easy to make; all you need are some succulent cuts of chicken and a reliable recipe to make creamy korma sauce.     


Jalfrezi means “hot fry” in the Indian sub-continent; it dates back to the time of the British Raj in India and is something of a fusion between Anglo-Indian tastes. That said, the origins of the dish are probably a lot older. If you are looking for a hot and spicy curry with plenty of vegetables, then a Jalfrezi is for you. A Jalfrezi contains chiles, stir-fried with tomato, onion, and coriander.  

You’ll be pleased to hear that a Jalfrezi curry is not too difficult to make; all you need is a selection of the right vegetable and spices and some time to put them together. Jalfrezi is something of a stir-fry dish, so it should be simple enough to manage. An Indian curry night is an excellent way to entertain guests and friends at home during the quieter time of year.    


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