When you are planning a special occasion for a family member, one of the first things to think about is dessert. A dessert makes a meal and an occasion more special, making it a celebration. It creates a sense of occasion, enjoyment, and memories for your family that are simply worth the investment of time and energy in making the cakes. Here are a few great ideas for desserts for every occasion.

Pound Cake

Pound cake has its origins in the early 18th century in England. This cake gets its name for the uniformity of ingredients used to make it. Original pound cake uses one pound of flour, sugar, butter, and eggs, which creates a heavy cake that’s perfect for feeding large groups of people. Over the years, pound cake ingredients have changed to create a lighter and smaller dessert. 

Pound cake is light, buttery, and melts in your mouth, making it the perfect compliment to some tea after lunch. Pound cake is also simple to make, but a quality recipe can be hard to find. Try this pound cake for your family, and it will soon become your bookmarked favorite. A simple but effective pound cake recipe is what you need to create the perfect dessert for family and friends.    

Cheese Cake

If you have a special event to celebrate in your family, make sure you have some cheesecake to accompany it. Cheesecake is thought to originate in New York, but its heritage is much older, stretching back to ancient Greece, where archeologists discovered cheesecake molds. Then in 1872, a New York dairy farmer added cheese to a cake, and the modern cheesecake was born. 

Whether it is an appetizer or an after-dinner treat, a cheesecake is both filling and delicious. Not only that, a cheesecake, when made correctly, can be a stunning centerpiece for your special event. A cheesecake consists of a base made from crushed cookies and a sponge cake topped with a soft mixture of cottage cheese, cream cheese, or ricotta. What’s not to love about it?     


Every family needs a treat day. A treat day could be pizza night once a week or brownies once a month. Unless you really enjoy spending time in the kitchen, brownie day once a month is a better option. Still, making brownies in your kitchen is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience; in the end, you have a tray full of delicious desserts for your family to look forward to and enjoy. 

People make brownies in different ways; some people like their brownies served piping hot, while others prefer room temperature. Some brownie chefs like their desserts cake-like, while others enjoy a fudgier, more chocolaty version. Brownies are also super versatile; they can be modified to suit a variety of taste buds to make the perfect version of them for your family.   

Chocolate Cake

Some occasions call for something a bit special, and what could be more ideal than chocolate cake for birthdays? Chocolate cake, as with many cakes on this list, has its origins in the 17th century when cocoa powder from the Americas became more accessible. Bakers in Europe and America began adding chocolate to the cake base creating the first versions of chocolate cake. 

Nowadays, there is no shortage of chocolate cakes to choose from. There are traditional chocolate cakes, chocolate layer cakes, Black Forest gateau, red velvet cake, and chocolate Swiss rolls. If you enjoy making chocolate cake, why not try your hand at different versions of chocolate cake for different family members on their birthdays? Smiles all round are guaranteed.

Apple Pie 

Most people associate apple pie with America; they are right to do so since the popular dessert has become an unofficial symbol of the country – but they are also inaccurate. Apple pie has its roots in Europe, where it was developed from the culinary influences of France, the Netherlands, and the Ottoman Empire as early as 1390. It was brought to America by colonists. 

In the beginning, there were very few apple trees in America, and the ones that existed bore crab apples that were sour and unpleasant to eat. But apple trees and seeds brought from Europe soon generates plenty of native species. Apple pie is served warm with whipped cream; it is now a favorite of most American families and a perfect treat and symbol for the holidays.  


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