Cooking is an essential part of everyday life. Cooking at home is the most sustainable means of feeding yourself and your family, both nutritionally and financially. However, cooking is not an easy process, particularly for those people who do not enjoy the process. It involves grocery shopping, meal planning, prepping, cooking, and cleaning. After a busy day working, it can be tempting to forgo this tedious process. So, how do you get over the hurdle of not wanting to cook and find joy in the process again? Here are a few ideas to try out.

Revamp Your Kitchen

Having a kitchen that you actually want to be in, that inspires you and that has everything you need to make a good meal is essential to making the whole experience more fun. If you do not have the budget for an entire refurb, then there are a lot of creative ways you can make the kitchen a more aesthetically pleasing and functional space on a budget. The kitchen should be the hub of the home, which means you need great seating options. You can incorporate great seating for the kitchen island or a small table for your eat-in area. You can also replace the fixtures on your cabinets, give the kitchen a new paint job, or update your appliances. Making the kitchen a desirable place to be is essential to increasing your ability to spend time there.

Try New Recipes 

Cooking the same meals over and over can get old fast. Variety is the spice of life, and cooking the same things all the time is only going to destroy your love of cooking, not enhance it. If you want to enhance your cooking experience, then you need to try new recipes like these juicy and delicious pork chop recipes. On my blog, I have plenty of ideas for weeknight dinners, slow cooker meals, and tasty Asian dishes. Choose dishes that do not require too many steps or ingredients, and start with cuisines and techniques that you are familiar with. Keep adding to your repertoire and expand your cooking skills and palates.

Get Everyone Involved

Meal time is not only the responsibility of the Mom or a single person in the household. Getting your kids involved in the cooking process will not only set them up to learn vital cooking skills but will also encourage them to try new foods they may not have otherwise. They will get more invested in the cooking process and take ownership of the food being served at the dinner table. Older kids and partners can also take an active role in prepping and cleaning to help facilitate mealtimes and make this daily task more fun and efficient for the whole family.


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