With summer being here, that means it’s time for warm weather, longer days, and the sweet smell of BBQ in the air! If you’re looking into throwing a dinner party during the summer months, why not take it outdoors and plan a BBQ for all of your loved ones? This will allow for less cleanup, more space, and the perfect summer vibe. While dinner parties typically require a lot of planning and decorations, the entire center of a BBQ is outside eating good food. So, here is what you need to know when it comes to hosting the perfect BBQ party this summer!

Picking a Theme

You don’t necessarily need a theme; most parties do, but why not just try and do one for your BBQ party too? In terms of themes, you can do what you want, and you can make the food accommodate this theme too. For instance, you can have a Korean BBQ theme, and that can include the food being Korean-influenced. This can even include certain aesthetics, such as rustic or cottage-core themes. For a rustic vibe, try a picnic theme. Drape gingham tablecloths over tables and use gingham napkins, candles, and mason jars in your decorations.

Create a Menu

When it comes to all parties, no matter what, there needs to be a menu. While you don’t need a formal menu, knowing what main and side dishes will be served will help you keep everything organized. It’s important to look into recipes beforehand, such as looking into an easy recipe for kale salad, which would be wonderful for a BBQ. Be sure to keep the majority of the menu to things you’ve made before. A party is not the best time to experiment. Also, when planning your menu, don’t forget to consider your guests’ dietary preferences. If your guests are great cooks, you can also ask them to bring a dish and contribute to the meal.

Don’t Forget the Yard Games!

It doesn’t matter what the ages are of your guest; this is one thing that you cannot skip out on having games! While you (or someone else) are grilling the food, some people may want to move around and be active. Plus, this is a great ice breaker too. There are plenty of BBQ party games that will keep your guests entertained while the grill is hot. 

Some are more competitive than others. Set up a game of cornhole to add some friendly competition to your backyard barbeque. This versatile outdoor lawn game comes with two full-size boards and four blue and red bean bags. Games like ladder ball, frisbee, and can jam are also great options for group games for all ages.

Have a Signature Drink

For drinks, be sure to have a variety so your guests can find something they enjoy. Options such as soda, beer, wine, or sangria are great options for barbecue parties. But why not go a step further with a signature drink? This could be a cocktail or mocktail of your choosing, but having a signature drink is something cute and quirky that can make quite a fun difference!

In the end, BBQs can be a lot of fun, and they just offer something fun and special; in general, it’s all about having fun in the sun and sharing memories with loved ones! It’s just best to be well prepared for these things so you’re not stressed during the big day, and you can feel confident that all of your guests are having the time of their life too!


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