Every summer, I take a vacation with my extended family to the beach, and we spend many hours throughout the week on the sand, catching waves. But it’s always such an ordeal trying to get umbrellas and towels set up and not getting sand in EVERYTHING.

I received a Tesalate towel (Bohemian pattern), which claims to be a sand-free towel, so I knew I had to see what the hype was all about. The texture is soft and thin, made with a special synthetic microfiber, which helps to repel sand after a long day at the beach. It also claims to be super absorbent and fast drying, which is very convenient.

I didn’t get a chance to go to the beach with this towel, but I did test out its absorbent properties and drying claims, and it worked as advertised! Based on the texture of the material, I would not be surprised if sand (even wet sand) does not cling to the material at all. The thin material also makes the towel very lightweight and portable. It even comes with its own bag!

They have so many fun patterns to choose from, and these would be the perfect Christmas gift for beach lovers.

I can’t wait to bring this towel to our next beach outing!


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